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Nokia E71 210.21.006 Firmware

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UPDATE: April 10 2009 Firmware Installed

new-firmware2Good news to all Nokia E71 users. Nokia has released the latest firmware update 210.21.006. Hopefully this latest firmware update fix my ” Nokia E71 – Date Problem ” . This software release enhances general software maturity and stability. The software release includes: stability and functionality improvements in the following areas: browser, camera, calendar, messaging and VoiP. The update is available via Nokia Software Updater.

new-firmware-11😦 Downloading updates 116.3MB …. So when it is done, will update you all whether the ” Nokia E71 – Date Problem ” can be fix ?

Firmware Installed

After successfully updated to the latest firmware, i set the alarm to workdays again. Today i noticed my date advance to + 2 days. 😦 The bug is still not yet fix.


Nokia E71 – Date problem

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UPDATE: March 13 2009 Reply from Nokia Careline

I own a Nokia E71 and love it very much. In the post NOKIA E71 IT’S EVERYTHING AND MORE where Jan mentioned

If there is one word to describe the E71, it has to be “screenful.” Essentially, it is everything the E51 is and more. A lot more! The LCD measures 4.8cm x 3.6cm of usable screen estate and with this much more space comes a lot more content such as the totally new Predictive Texting, SMS alert bubble (see Mail icon above), etc. The obvious and most challenging difference has to be the QWERTY keypad but let me say this. Like many I had my reservations about moving away from a tried and tested alpha-numeric keypad that we’ve gotten so fond of in the last decade or so. The learning curve for me to get used to the QWERTY layout was about half a day and it’s smooth sailing from then on—you’ll see why!

But I got problem with my workday alarm and date function. Basically every sunday morning when I switched on the phone, the date is not sunday, but saturday. I suspected there is some coding bug which seems to get amplified especially if you have set a workday alarm.  Now i set to daily alarm. And I have also noticed that the date always changes to today + two days. I updated to the latest firmware version 200.21.118 but the problem still unsolved.

I have contacted Nokia Singapore Customer Care and now waiting for their reply.

Thank you for contacting Nokia.

You will be receiving a reply from one of our Customer Care Representatives within the next 48 hours.

Have a good day.

Anybody got this date problem ? and managed to got it fixed ?

Reply from Nokia Careline

Dear Alan,

Hope this email finds you well and I am so sorry to hear that you are having issues with your Nokia E71.

I have tried updating my colleague’s Nokia E71 with the latest software and ther are no issues with the time and date settings.

However, I would suggest for you to switch your phone off, take out the battery and SIM card. Please leave them out for 10 minutes. Later, reinsert the battery and SIM card. Kindly switch your phone on. Please note that rebooting the phone temporarily resets the phone software and is only a temporary solution.

Alternativelyn Alan, you may restore factory settings on your Nokia E71 by following the steps below:

Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Security > Factory Settings. It will then prompt you to enter the lock code.

The default lock code is 12345. If you have previously changed the lock code, please enter your own lock code instead.

Restoring the factory settings may erase the following contents from your phone. However, this will not affect the contents that are stored in your memory card:

1. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) settings and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) settings.
2. Downloaded contents from the web or the Internet such as: images, pictures, songs or themes that are on your phone.
3. Personalization like your themes, ring tones and others. You will need to reset it back to your own preference once this is done.

Please try to set the time and date settings again by selecting:

Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Date and Time.

Kindly monitor the issue and do let me know of the outcome.

Any inconvenience caused is much regretted.

Thank you for emailing Nokia Careline!

Do you know you can now update your phone software at your own convenience?
Visit to check if your phone model is supported and download the “Nokia Software Updater”.

Kind regards,

Nokia Careline
Please contact us at 68228888

I have tried both solution, but the date automatically advance to another 2 days still unsolved. I have noticed that if i don’t use the alarm function, my date is working properly. I suspected there is some coding bug with the alarm !

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