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It’s been a week since my outing with Jan Shim. And have been very busy lately at office. Today at around 5.45pm, I woke up, took my EOS 5D II to my farm for photography practice. The weather was nice and the sky clear after a month of rain. In the post WITH LOVE COMES PASSION where Jan mentioned me

To conclude, I think it’s only fair that I give Alan a short mention having introduced Gavin a number of times earlier and Jeffrey (my regular badminton singles partner whose reason for losing is a knee injury :P ) Now, Alan is nothing short of an interesting character. He’s the only person I know to have owned a dozen digital cameras in a very short time but not have the patience to use them properly. His recent trapping is the EOS 5D Mark II which he chose over the significantly cheaper 50D—whatever his justification it’s high time he took photography seriously having already squandered so much! This is clearly a case of loving to spend with passion.

I agree with what’s written about me. As the saying goes, we can’t see our mistake. I have to quit my bad habit of spending on unnecessary things. I am not that good in writing, so now i let my pictures Speak.


Written by Alan Chai

February 22, 2009 at 8:32 am

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